Volgograd – the new History of Big Football

About Volgograd

Volgograd is famous for its legendary history, it is the city of winners, the city of men of spirit. The 2018 FIFA World Cup™ will write new pages in the biography of the city.

The today citizens of Volgograd, sportsmen, guests and participants of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Fan Fest™ together make a new history of their own, where the spirit of each person helps reach unbelievable results. Where everyone can become part of this new milestone in the world of sport.

Volgograd is truly a sporty city. During summer Olympic Games our sportsmen won tens of gold medals. Our city is the Motherland of 16 Olympic champions and strong football traditions. The pride of Volgograd is one of our famous fellow countrywomen – Elena Isinbaeva, a double Olympic champion, multiple world champion in pole vaulting, the Ambassador of Russia’s 2018 FIFA World Cup™ application.

Another sport symbol of Volgograd, beloved by many generations of fans, is the Rotor Football Club, having almost a hundred year-long history of glorious victories, which played with such teams as Manchester United.

Volgograd is the heart of Povolzhye (the Volga region), the most extended city of Russia with the rich cultural and historic past and looking ahead. The city that is famous for its victories and spectacular Volga sceneries. In the middle of the past century the canal which connected two rivers, the Volga and the Don, was built here. Thus, the city is named as the “port of five seas”. Volgograd is the center of civilizations cross-roads. It is the place, as historians think, where situated the capital of the Golden Horde Sarai Berke and the most important trade routes which passed through it.

Volgograd is the city of memories and the Sun, where history and modern life interlink. It is Volgograd where there are the longest in Europe bridge, largest river island, tallest statue. The city, stretching along the Volga bank for over 90 kilometers, is one of the longest, and it is the place, where you can ride a unique vehicle – the underground tram – which got the name of the “metrotram”.

Every year thousands of tourists visit Volgograd in order to get acquainted with the historical heritage and rest on the golden Volga beaches. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup Fan Fest’s™ days the citizens of Volgograd and tourists will be joined by fans from all over the world. This will be a grandiose and unforgettable event.

Come to the FIFA Fan Fest™ in Volgograd! Make your own history of Victories!