Obeying the rules is personal responsibility of each FIFA Fan Fest™ participant

Rules for conducting

The rules of conduct at the FIFA Fan Fest™ will help make your stay here more comfortable. The full list of the Rules can be found here.


Any type of weapon, including that for the self-defense, and ammunition, piercing and cutting objects, other objects, which can be used as weapon, explosive, poisonous, toxic and acid substances, radioactive materials;

Flammable and pyrotechnical substances and objects (excluding matches and pocket lighters), including signal flares, road flares, squibs, gas cylinders and objects (chemical materials), which can be used for making pyrotechnic devices or smokes.

Flammable substances
Other substances, objects or goods, including self-made ones, the use of which may lead to fire and smoke;

Party Poppers
Devices or goods, including self-made ones, which are not pyrotechnics and used for scattering, spraying of different materials and substances, including paints;

Wind instruments
Wind devices for producing sounds (including vuvuzelas), excluding horns and reed pipes;

Alcohol, narcotic and toxic substances
Alcohol drinks of any type, narcotic and toxic substances or stimulators, refreshing drinks in glass or tin containers, also in plastic containers over 0.5 liter;

Aggressive Attributes
Propaganda materials of extremist nature or containing Nazi attributes or symbols, or attributes and symbols of extremist organizations;

Bulky objects
Bulky objects (a “bulky object” is any object, which length, width and height exceeds 40x40x45 cm) are the objects, which interfere with other spectators.

Complete list of forbidden objects is available here.