The FIFA Fan Fest™ is a holiday for the whole family


The guests of the FIFA Fan Fest 2018™ are offered services which will help to orient on the venue, to find lost things and to always stay in touch. The following service options function for comfort of our guests:

Information desks. Information desks are open daily during the Fest work-hours ready to assist with any question.

Volunteers’ assistance. Volunteers work daily on the FIFA Fan Fest™ venue; you can recognize them by a special uniform and a badge “Volunteer”. They assist in orienting on the FIFA Fan Fest™ areas.

Storage. Near entrance groups info-desks are located indicating all restricted items. You can leave such items in free storages rooms located near the entrance

Children Safety Area. All children under 18 years old get a hand bracelet indicating the phone number of the accompanying adult person. If a child is lost the organizers will take the child to the waiting area and will get in touch with the accompanying person.

Lost and found area. Items found by the organizers on the Fest territory are kept in the Lost and Found area. The foggoten things are kept for 24 hours and then are submitted to the Police office. 

Free WIFI is available on the entire Fest territory.

Separate collection of waste. On the Fest territory functions a separate collection of waste.

Environment without barriers.The Fest Venue is well-equipped for visitors with limited physical abilities. A special area for for watching matches, ramps, services for visitors with limited physical abilities.

Smoking areas. The FIFA Fan Fest™ is a smoking-free area. Smoking is allowed only in specially arranged areas.